Getting eBralec 3 Licence

eBralec 3 Windows

It runs on Windows and is SAPI 5 compliant.

Licence is bound to a personal device (computer, phone, tablet…). Therefore, you require two licences for two devices, three licences for three devices…

Shortest period of use is one year. Annual payments only.

Non-Commercial Personal Use for Blind, Visually and Reading Impaired

The eBralec 3 Windows software package non-commercial personal use is free for blind, visually impaired or reading disordered persons (e.g. dyslectic). To get the free licence and technical support based on medical certificate, please contact Library for Blind and Visually Impaired (

Slovenian Public Sector Institutions

Use of eBralec 3 Windows software package is free for Slovenian public sector institutions for internal use. Internal use means non-commercial on-premises use by end users on devices owned by institution.

The free eBralec 3 Windows software package licences for institution may be ordered by institution's responsible person only.

The institution must not lend their free licences, rent, or allow free licence use by end users on their personal devices in any way.

Each public sector institution is eligible for reasonable and founded number of free licences of eBralec 3 Windows software package. All rights to judge reasonable and founded amount of licences reserved.

Institution may not order new free licences, when there are existing unused licences, or licences that have been used before last four months.

The free use of eBralec 3 Windows software package does not cover optional user support and network licence management costs. Those costs are charged to the institution based on institution prior order.

User support includes all services but licence issuing - i.e. assistance with installation, set-up, cross-computer licence transfers etc. Institutions are offered two options:

  1. Annual flat fee
    Annual flat fee of 25 % of licence value for business internal use covers telephone assistance, remote support and priority treatment. It does not cover on-premises assistance. The support extent is limited to twice the value of annual flat fee taking €60.00 hourly rate (VAT excluded) into consideration. If the institution orders annual flat fee for the current one-year period while the period is already running, the fee amount remains the same regardless the shorter amount of the period remaining time.

  2. Per-case fee
    Customer support is provided based on a particular institution order. The smallest unit charged is 30min, hourly rate is €60.00 (VAT excluded). The invoice is issued per each case.

Please contact us by phone (+386 (1) 8311 035 or +386 (1) 4239 440) or E-mail ( for free licences and additional information.

Network Licence Management

If network licence management is selected, a licence verification proxy is installed on the subscriber's server. The proxy provides users with easy, centralised installation and updating of eBralec 3 Windows software package on an unlimited number of client computers.

The network licence management is highly recommended when installing 5 or more licences, and a definite must-have for anyone who wishes to install more than 10 licences. It is a must-have in all organisations users are denied access to install or remove software.

Network Licence Management Without VAT
Subscription per Each Server

Monthly Cost

€219.60 Annual Payment

Other Costs

All other service costs (i.e. adjustments, on-premise installations) are payable for all groups of users after initial agreement and user order confirmation.